About Us


We just act naturally. Designing jewelry and textiles is as natural to us as sitting down to dinner with family. After all, that’s how it all started.

Our father, a master jeweler and artisan, and our mom, a self-taught artist and university theater seamstress, handed down to us a passion for jewelry and textile design. We took that passion and merged it with our love for environmental responsibly. Thus, Earthy Girl ™ was born!

We incorporate repurposed, recycled and original elements together into wearable jewelry and accessories. Whether it's a pair of eclectic earrings or a charming shoulder bag, all of our creations are hand-crafted from natural, eco-friendly and reclaimed materials. We love all things earthy.

Our formal training is in fashion design, merchandising and graphic design, and between the two of us, we’ve studied in both New Mexico and Spain. We grew up in Oklahoma and we’re proud to be part of Oklahoma’s local handmade revolution.

Our pieces come shipped in recyclable packaging, and we design the packaging so items can easily be shipped directly as gifts.

We are thrilled to pieces when we receive custom orders, so shoot us an email if you don’t see what you’ve been searching for.

Jacine & Jessica